Our Objective

As Shipping Agency: -
- To offer through our Principals, containerized and break-bulk general cargo services to all lines we serve.
- To take care of our Principals requirements as requested and to ensure good and quick dispatch for their vessels.
- To monitor all stages of operation from our headquarters in Alexandria and ensure that our several local/international clients receive expeditious, dependable and fully integrated services to cover all the Principals needs.
- To ensure that each and every Customer gets our undivided attention and ensure that the delivery of cargo until destination is handled on all though cargo to all destinations within Egypt within the terms and conditions of the Principals shipping contracts.

Following are name of Principals we are acting as their full Agent:-
- The Shipping Corporation of India, Mumbai (India) SCI.
- Central Gulf Line, New York and New Orleans (USA).
- Waterman Steamship Corp., New Orleans and New York (USA).
- C.F Ahrenkiel (Germany).
- MARNAVI spa (Italy).
- United Chemical Transport (Hamburg).
- The Great Eastern Shipping (India).
- Docenave Rio-De-Janeiro – (Brazil).
- Inpesca Bermo – (Spain).
- Cylon Shipping Corp. (Colombo).
- Pevaeche- (Spain).
- And others.

Ameaster Shipping & Trading Co. SRL.
Is a leading independent Freight Forwarders with affiliations in Egypt and several Middle-East countries and India.

As Forwarding Agent & Freight Forwarder:-
- We ship cargo on either FOB or CIF terms, including national consolidation services.
- We also transport by air all type of commodities.
- In addition we are handling all kind of forwarding & logistics activities (Inbound – Door to Door – Customs clearance – Project cargo -Consolidation, etc).
– Handling of all types of containers at all ports of Egypt from Mother vessels/ Feeder Vessels/ effecting delivery/ smooth haulage to Inland Container Depot and quick turnaround of containers for mixed destinations with minimum lay-over period.

As Liaison with the Suez Canal Authority:-
With our close contacts with the Suez Canal Authority, we have successfully arranged legitimate Suez Canal Long Haul rebates on long haul routes to our Principals who have requested such service. This can be arranged entirely by us upon request from the initial application to recovery of this rebate.
We offer our clients immediate response at Management level to cover all levels of emergency through our net-work of offices and experienced stuff.
We guarantee our services and leave you to contact any of the companies we serve for reference.
We look forward to your inquiries to enable us demonstrate to you, our professional activity as Shipping Agents and assorted service.