Harbor Info:-

2- Port said Harbor

Port Said Port lies to the Northern entrance of the Canal and is considered one of the most important Egyptian ports, due to its distinctive location.
Port said Harbor

Berth & Cargo
Total 61 Berths:

  LOA: Depth:
Sherif Quay (General Cargo) 295.38 Meters 27 Feet
Abbas Quay (General Cargo) 364.80 Meters 27 Feet
Abbas RORO (RORO Vessels) 39.20 Meters 27 Feet
Container Terminal (Container Vessels) 341,00 Meters 42 Feet
Multipurpose Quay (Containers & General Cargo) 248.15 Meters 42 Feet
(Priority for container vessels)

New Multipurpose Quay (Containers & General Cargo)




(Priority for container vessels)

Bulk Grain Quays

The following two projects are for the automatic discharging of grain at the average rate of 6000 MTS daily for each and storage capacity of 24000 MTS for each:

  LOA: Depth:
1. Asswan Project (Sherif Quay)
Meters 38 Feet
2. Observer Project (Abbas Quay)
Meters 42 Feet